Aso Valley Italy Pictures: A little slice of Heaven

Italy and the Adriatic Sea

The Aso Valley in Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea

The pictures will speak for themselves. These are pictures that surround the home we are staying in which is located above the Aso Valley in Lapedona Italy. I learned that Lapedona is so small that Italians living less than 10 kilometers away don’t even know the town exists. In small villages like this and due to high gas prices (nearly $11 a gallon) it is much cheaper (and healthier) to use the local bakery, butcher and market for all other goods, than it is to drive 20 minutes down the hill (Altitude is at 1000ft) and go to the supermarket. That is a fact I love, the meat is by far the best, most tender and well priced meat I have ever had. I also love the bread we get from the bakery which is next door to the butchers. So without further ado, here are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken, not because my camera rocks but because I am living in heaven on earth.

Not a castle just an Italian village

Aso Valley Italy Panoramic

Panoramic view of the Aso Valley in Italy

Aso Valley Italy

Italian farms view from Lapedona Italy

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