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Ok, so I’m last minute but who cares right because the only person waiting on me is me. So I’ll start this blog out with the answer to the question that everyone will ask when they happen to find this site, and the answer is “because you have nothing better to do but daydream!” The question, for those of you who couldn’t tell was “Why add this to your favorites?” Don’t get upset! I only say it the way I see it and it’s not personal. I am risking everything I have to travel the world and become the only person in my family to become a “digital nomad” and up to this point in my life, I have never been paid to write anything nor have I made any “real” money of my gaming network. So if for no other reason than the fact that I have either giant brass balls or I’m the dumbest most naive person on the planet.

I truly feel that with the right mind set you can make it anywhere. The United States may have been the “promise land” or the “land of opportunity” but it’s not the only place you can find opportunity. It all depends on what you are looking for and perspective, for me it’s all about opening my eyes to the world around me. I have wanted to travel the world since my first taste at 14 when I took a church trip to Monterrey Mexico. That first trip gave me a bug that I have never been able to get rid of. I joined the military and get another taste of it but I was married to a woman that wanted to stay close to home so I moved back home. Times have changed and the world is even smaller now that I’m in my mid 30’s and I have realized one fact that makes life very, very hard on me, I’m fucking lazy! Pardon the rough language but I can’t be nice about that, I have taken a good long look at my life, accomplishments and future possibilities and to be honest with you it was pretty depressing. I have done a little of this, a little of that and a lot of nothing! I was a welder out of high school but I would have had to travel to make real money in that job but I would have had to travel alone and the ex wasn’t having any of that. Then I joined the military, we knew I’d have to travel and be away but it would only be a “short” time and it was a small sacrifice we would make to ensure college money, health care for the kids and security for my family if anything did happen. Those were a great 4 years but to be honest, I would have only stayed in if I could have gotten an easier job than a mechanic (it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that in the military the three toughest jobs were cook, cop and mechanic because none of us got any sleep) and they if they would have sent me to Germany but they wouldn’t give me both so I got out. My ex joined the Air Force shortly after I left the Army (I won’t try to explain all the questions this posting will leave you with, but know that not all of my decisions were effective in creating the outcome I had intended.) After the divorce I moved back home to San Antonio where I met the woman of my dreams. If this was a romance blog I would add in all the details but to keep from boring my readers we will just say that I found a beautiful and great woman that I don’t deserve but I wouldn’t give up to save my life.

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My wife “brownie” is much like I am as in she is a nomadic soul, always looking for a change intrigued by new things and always ready to learn something else. She was born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico and came to the United States to study English. To my surprise my lovely wife is much smarter than her beautiful green eyes tell, she learned English in 6 months, which to me was amazing considering she couldn’t complete a sentence in English when we met. Brownie brought out this trapped soul of a traveler that I had buried so deep once I started having children. My youngest daughter is 14 and if I could be an active participant in her life then I would stay in the states until she turned 18 but I’m not, so we’re leaving. Brownie and I have been on the move since we met. I had a really nice job at the cable company when she and I hatched (Well actually her dad was in the business and brought it up to me) an idea to import silver jewelry to the states from Mexico and wholesale the jewelry to mom and pop businesses.

We gave up our apartment, second car, all of our home furnishings, everything! We sold everything then turned around and put every cent we had into jewelry and we were going to make it or break it. To be honest with you, we found out there was another option too, survive and have fun. I have been to 27 of the lower 48 states and 7 different countries and I have made up my mind that I will not stop moving until I have been to every country (wonder if I’ll ever get to Cuba) in the world. All of the things I saw, people I met and things I did are all just a memory for me and some are slowly fading from my memory too which for my family early memory loss is normal.

So this blog will be my journal to document my travels and to keep safe the memories that I am so prone to forgetting like names, dates and images. I was born in an insignificant little town in the heart of east Texas, raised on a farm to be nothing more than a good salt of the earth hard working man. I feel that after all this time I have lost that direction, the one my father tried to point me in when I was a child. My father may have been a redneck hippy which may sound like a contradiction of terms but it’s true. He worked hard and smoked a lot of weed. I have fought being like my father my whole life, I always felt that I didn’t have to have a job where I get blisters, sweat or break my back unless it was something I enjoyed. So at this point I realized I have wasted space, time and energy in this life. I don’t have a child that depends on my care and support any longer so I am going to expand my mind to its limits. I am going to be a full time travel blogger. I am going to be a digital nomad. I am going to be a full time webmaster. I am going! This is my motto! This is my creed! Follow along and see how my roller coaster rolls!

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I am an American living abroad, and by abroad I mean pretty much anywhere that isn't the United States. Not because of some political boycott or legal issues but because this planet is very big and there is more to see than what's in my backyard. I am recently relocated from Egypt to Ecuador where I blog and work on a few online projects that I hope to be nearly as successful as every other aspect of my life.

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