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Loy Krathong is one of the many holidays you can enjoy while visiting the beautiful country of Thailand. Clicking on the word will take you to a wikipedia page that will give you all of the history and details of such an event. This posting isn’t about the holiday nearly as much as it is about how my wife and I participated in this wonderful holiday.

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In 2013 Loy Krathong fell on my birthday which is 17 November and since I’m not big on birthdays, my wife and I choose to go to see our friend who was selling “something” on the beach. Before we got to the beach our only plans were to go see our friend Nittaya and see what she was selling and then enjoy what ever festivities that would be taking place on Patong Beach. As soon as we arrived and my wife realized that they were hand crafting these “floating flowers” she jumped right in to learn and give a hand.  I’m not very crafty but I have no fear of selling to random strangers, language barrier or not. The majority of people on the beach were Thai followed closely by Russian tourists neither of which are known for their expansive knowladge of English. I can honestly say that my wife had was more than likely the only Mexican on the beach, not just that day but possibly that entire month. Needless to say, they don’t get many Mexican tourists here.


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    On releasing the kratong, you can help your fortunes along a little by placing personal items on the floating platform. Some put nail clippings or strands of hair into the krathong, in the belief that the sins of the past year will be washed away; coins too are often placed inside as a way of making merit. For the romantic at heart and young couples, Loi Krathong is the time to make a wish for happiness together and success in love.