Ok, so soon I will post a step by step guide all about how to go about traveling as a way of life. Now it will seem very vague to the average reader but if you’re paying attention you will notice that if you are anything like me, I’ll have mapped out exactly what you should do to start and after that, it’s “up to you” as the Asians say. My way isn’t the only way but if there is one thing it is, it’s easy. I’m no genius and if you’ve been reading this blog you already know. Thanks for visiting!!

About Bevo the Blogger

I am an American living abroad, and by abroad I mean pretty much anywhere that isn't the United States. Not because of some political boycott or legal issues but because this planet is very big and there is more to see than what's in my backyard. I am recently relocated from Egypt to Ecuador where I blog and work on a few online projects that I hope to be nearly as successful as every other aspect of my life.

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