Travel Blogging is a full time job until

So does anyone else learn by way of jumping in head first? Me too. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but learning to travel blog while traveling has been a challenge. Good news is that I do know what I need to do. The bad news is that I haven’t figured out a way to consistently do those things. In my last post, I was going to layout the W’s on traveling as a way of life. If you have gone through my posts you will quickly see that I haven’t actually mastered blogging enough to explain how to travel.

I recently read an article about taking your blog from the depths of the internet to the bookmark bar of your targeted audience. In this article, it was explained that by taking a step in the right direction every day will ultimately land you where you are going. (I really shouldn’t need to be told this) So, without all the SEO, photoshopped pictures, and 2,000-word posts, I will just start taking baby steps and possibly end up deleting all of my faulted posts once I get a good routine worked up.

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In that spirit, I will leave you with this thought. NOTHING worth having is free AND easy. Be willing to put in the work or pay for someone smarter and less lazy than you to do it.

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I am an American living abroad, and by abroad I mean pretty much anywhere that isn't the United States. Not because of some political boycott or legal issues but because this planet is very big and there is more to see than what's in my backyard. I am recently relocated from Egypt to Ecuador where I blog and work on a few online projects that I hope to be nearly as successful as every other aspect of my life.

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