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Another lesson learned, sitting in one place without falling asleep is easier said than done with you are somewhere new. Each day starts with getting ready, cleaning up the room we are staying in and getting our items put away in our luggage. Then we go do whatever plans we have. Once we have gone out and done whatever it is we are doing we go back to where we are staying and plan what we are doing the next day. So far we have yet to get to bed before midnight which isn’t unusual for us but we want to adjust our sleeping habits to be able to get more site seeing done during the day. The problem with this is that I’m not making time to blog and let everyone know what we’re up to. I prefer to be hands on with my experiences while traveling rather than sitting, writing or even sleeping for that matter. Though I am not doing a good job of collecting my thoughts and putting them with photos and words but that’s what this is all about for me.


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We must have balance in everything that we do because anything in excess is bad. Even the things that are “good” for you, like if you drink too much water, it can kill you and if that is true it (which it is) then think about how you need to moderate everything else and yes fun is included in that too.


Traveling is fun and I don’t think I will have my “fill” for a long time but there is a point in which I need to stop, sit down and think about everything I’ve seen. Now I’m not saying that if I travel in excess that would be bad for my health but it will be bad for business. Here in Ireland, I haven’t taken much time to sit and reflect but for the few moments I’ve been able to do that this morning has made me realize that I need to take notes. It has taken me 3 days to buy batteries for the video camera (rechargeable) and then another 1 to charge them up. I plan on taking short little videos of where I am, what I’m doing and with whom. That’s my lazy way of taking notes, otherwise, I’ll take my pictures, and have brownie fill in the holes. I won’t be able to go do a million things a day then come back home and write about it so my lucky few followers will have to be happy with a story a week at this point. Putting a story together has been more difficult than I had originally thought, I guess just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean I can just start typing and “poof” it’s a story. Even this posting isn’t much of a story but a venting about how hard it is to sit still and write.


I really like being in motion, constant movement helps me concentrate on the objective at hand when I stop and sit here and stare at my screen I realize I have a million and one thoughts trying to come out all at once. Ok, enough with the complaints and on with the blogging! Just know that I am doing my best to keep you informed and educated on the stresses of traveling while (Oh poor me right?) blogging about it.

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